What is Assisted Living?

What is Assisted Living?

No one looks forward to the day when they have to search for an assisted living community for themselves or a loved one. It’s hard to make changes even if you know that they are for the best. We’re here to help you figure it all out. Is Assisted Living the right choice? Let’s talk about it!

Assisted Living is for…

An Assisted Living facility is for people who need moderate help and attention with their daily lives but do not need 24-hour ongoing skilled nursing care services indefinitely. What we provide for residents is different for each individual. For instance, some of our residents need more help with simple physical tasks like bathing, housekeeping, or laundry. Whereas other residents need more extensive help with mobility for getting out of bed and safely moving around. We also have specialized care for those who are physically capable, but who need help managing their dementia or Alzheimer care. This includes helping them take their medication and staying within a safe environment.

Who Are We?

Mercy Crest, as an Assisted Living facility, is much more of a community. Our facility provides extensive recreational activities for our residents. There are many common living spaces for socializing and outdoor areas to bird watch, garden, and enjoy fresh air. We also offer transportation to doctor’s appointments for our residents.

Our goal is to help our residents stay healthy: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Residents have private apartments filled with their own keepsakes and belongings. Mercy Crest offers fitness equipment to help them with strength and balance. Residents have access to a library, computers, tv, and wireless internet. There are Sunday church services, movie nights, Bingo nights, exercise classes, and plenty of time to meet and socialize with other residents. To ensure updated care for residents, there are quarterly Nurse Assessments to address any health concerns.

While Nursing Homes are a necessity in our society, they may not be what you need. Assisted Living facilities offer navigated freedom for seniors who may be struggling with their daily activities. Mercy Crest is proud to provide residents with privacy and independence. For more information on our application process and how our facility operates, check out our Frequently Asked Questions. It’s our pleasure at Mercy Crest to offer support and care to you or your loved one.

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